Book editing:


The Brains and Brawn Company: How Leading Organizations Blend the Best of Digital and Physical

Core competencies today's leaders must master, by Robert E. Siegel, lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business and partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firms XSeed Capital and Piva.

McGraw Hill, 2021


"Catherine Fredman was kind enough to provide a sharp pen and critical eye that pushed me to be better and more consistent throughout the writing process. I hope someday to have half of her capabilities in fine-tuning the written word. When I write I now hear her voice in my head providing input even before I send her something to review."


Moneybags: How We Bought and Sold Over $100 Million of the Elusive Hermès Birkin

A memoir by Jeffrey Berk, founder of luxury reseller Privé Porter.

Privately published, 2020.


Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential within Us All

A national bestseller describing specific strategies to strengthen your creativity by Tom Kelley, author of The Art of Innovation, and David Kelley, founder, IDEO and Stanford D. School.

Crown Business, 2013


“Catherine Fredman was a friend in need, offering her professional editorial advice at times when the project seemed like it might stall out.”


Magazine editing:


Custom-published magazines:

  • 360°: The Merrill Lynch Leadership Magazine. Quarterly print and online magazine sent to 150,000 Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management managers and high-net-worth clients in 38 countries.
  • Business Technology Journal, an online magazine that explained technological trends to corporate decision-makers.
  • McCall's Extra, a 24-page, bi-monthly insert with 1,000,000 circulation.
  • Hachette Custom Publishing: magazines for GM, Mercedes, and Tupperware.



Learning my skills:

  • Working Woman Magazine, Senior associate editor, 1990-1992
  • Diversion Magazine, Associate and Senior editor, 1985-1990
  • Food & Wine Magazine, Assistant editor, 1982-1985
  • Travel & Leisure Magazine, Editorial assistant, 1980-1982



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